Settimana del Liscio

A whole week completely dedicated to ballroom music

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    Piazza della Libertà - Gatteo and others places
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    Multiple events, Music
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Gatteo Mare closes the amazing summer season dedicating a whole week to all those who love music and the Liscio.

In the morning on the beach and in the evening in the Gatteo Mare arenas, shows with with the best Emilia-Romagna orchestras and the inexhaustible energy of the Gatteo Mare Summer Village staff.

A whole week completely dedicated to ballroom music: not only Liscio and Romagna dances, but everything that makes you move and dance in joy and in company.

The festival, with free admission, will open on Saturday 10 September with 'La Notte del Liscio'. During the evening on stage together with Moreno il Biondo and the Orchestra Grande Evento will alternate the rapper Moreno, Beppe Carletti, the newly discovered of Italia's Got Talent Federico Martelli and the "Concerto Cantoni" Orchestra.

Settimana del Liscio 2022 Programme


  • Piazza della Libertà - Gatteo
  • Beach - Gatteo
  • Antonio Gramsci, 2 - Gatteo
10 - 16 September 2022
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telephone:+ 39 0547 86083
0547 85393

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Tourist Information Office Gatteo Mare
Piazza della Libertà 10 Gatteo (FC) telephone:+ 39 0547 86083 + 39 0547 85393 Opening: Annual
Last update 11/08/2022

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