Giostra all'Incontro

The Medieval Joust of Cesena

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    piazza del Popolo - Cesena
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An event belonging to the Cesena historical tradition, that brings back the ancient medieval splendor of chivalric values, sumptuous clothes, flags and banners: Sunday, September 11 at 6 pm the Giostra all'Incontro will delight us with flag-wavers, knights and shows that will enliven the city center. A fascinating journey through time that is repeated year after year in the Malatesta city. This 2022 edition marks a new historical stage for the awaited re-enactment of chivalry: the Giostra will take place in Piazza del Popolo again, in the shadow of the Malatesta Fortress, after almost 200 years.

It is a unique event in the world for its cultural, historical and spectacular importance. Only in Cesena, in fact, was the Giostra all'Incontro institutionalized and took place annually by virtue of an official recognition: the Joust was granted a special and perpetual privilege to the city in 1465 by Pope Paul II and continued in an equally uninterrupted way until 1838. Thus, the knights return to their "home" after 184 years.

The event to be held in Piazza del Popolo will be accompanied by a rich program of initiatives from 8 to 11 September: historical parade, theatrical performance, historical-photographic exhibition, guided tours and in-depth conferences.

Admission is free, until full capacity is reached.


  • piazza del Popolo - Cesena
8 - 11 September 2022
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