C'era una volta... A Cesena la fiera d'antiquariato 2023

The great antique and flea market exhibition

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C'era una volta: once upon a time...
On the third weekend of every month, this great event for all enthusiasts of flea markets and antiques, in the Cesena Fiera area. Hunderds of exhibitors offer collectibles of all kinds: works of art, furniture, clocks, books and antique prints, science tools and musical devices, toys...

On February 18th and 19th C’era una volta… Il Libro: Special 12th Edition on antique prints and books
Since 2016, an important event entirely dedicated to antique and vintage books and to paper collectibles: more than 70 selected specialist bookshops and retailers of prints and antique maps from all over Italy and more, collectors items and rare books from the 16th to 20th centuries.


  • Via Dismano, 3845 - Cesena
14 January - 17 December 2023
Info on the website
Full ticket
3,00 euro
under 14 and over 70 years old
telephone:+ 39 0547 317435

Information offices

IAT-R Cesena
Piazza del Popolo 9 Cesena (FC)
telephone:+ 39 0547 356327 iat@comune.cesena.fc.it info@ipercorsidelsavio.it Opening: Annual
Last update 30/01/2023

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