Giardini d'Autore

In Spring Giardini d'Autore blossoms at the Malatesta court

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From 20 to 22 March 2020, Castel Sismondo and Piazza Malatesta, the heart of the historic center of Rimini, will return to bloom with a special edition of Giardini d'Autore which will inaugurate the new green spaces of Sigismodo Pandolfo Malatesta castle.
Giardini d'Autore brings the best Italian and foreign nurserymen to Rimini presenting a special spring edition dedicated to beauty in all its forms, imagination and imaginative: a tribute to the master of cinema Federico Fellini whose birth centenary is celebrated in 2020.
On the occasion visitor have the chance to visit the international exhibition "Fellini 100 Genio Immortale"  set up inside the Castle Halls and immerse themselves in a unique scenenery of beauty, art and culture.
The area in front of the castle hosts unique botanical collections, the result of the continuous research and passion of nurserymen from all over the world, but also a set of artistic performances and exhibitions that will take place during these three days.
A program of experiences between gardening, botany, landscape, art and design in which visitors can lose themselves. The event takes place in concomitance with the FAI days that will make unique places in the city open to visitors.
On the calendar also musical moments, courses and workshops of decoration and gardening, book presentations and cultural walks.


Castel Sismondo - Piazza Malatesta, Rimini RN, Italia
March 20, 2020
March 22, 2020
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Time end
Full ticket
5 euro
free under 16
3-day weekend subscription: 8 euro

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