Ravenna Festival. The Trebbo in music 2.2

The 32nd edition of the Ravenna Festival returns to the Arena of the Stadio dei Pini in Milano Marittima

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  • Place
    Arena of the Stadio dei Pini
  • Events
    Multiple events, Music
  • Interests
    Riviera, Art & Culture

Ravenna Festival returns to Cervia with a special production inspired by the Romagna tradition of the trebbo.

Eight appointments in the green of the Arena of the Stadio dei Pini in Milano Marittima with tributes to Pier Paolo Pasolini and Franco Battiato, lunar and Neapolitan digressions, historical and musical reflections, trespassing into the territories of graphic novels and television quiz shows.

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  • Arena of the Stadio dei Pini - Via Ravenna, 61 - Cervia
18 June - 14 July 2022
9.30 p.m.
Full ticket
€ 20
Reduced ticket
From € 5 to € 18
telephone:+ 39 0544 974400

Information offices

UIT Milano Marittima
Piazzale Napoli 30 Cervia (RA)
telephone:+ 39 0544 993435 + 39 0544 993226 iatmilanomarittima@cerviaturismo.it
IAT Cervia
Via Evangelisti 4 Cervia (RA)
telephone:+ 39 0544 974400 + 39 0544 977194 iatcervia@cerviaturismo.it

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