Meeting for friendship among people

Summer festival of meetings, exhibitions, music and shows.

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  • Place
    Via della Fiera - Rimini and others places
  • Events
    Multiple events
  • Interests
    Riviera, Art & Culture

An international event, a crossroad of testimonies and experiences of different cultural origins: a lively and unique event on the world scene, it deals with crucial issues, in a free and open dialogue among the most interesting personalities of culture, politics and faith.

The title of the 43rd edition is 'A passion for the person'. In times of great uncertainty, the challenge of how to live touches everyone; the courage to get involved once again, the need to build authentic relationships with anyone who becomes part of our human trajectory, are decisive elements in order not to succumb.

A packed program of events, among which there is the Meeting Music Contest - 2nd edition of the musical contest for young artists and bands, and the inaugural show inspired by one of the precious theatrical texts by G.K. Chesterton, "The Surprise".


  • Via della Fiera - Rimini
  • Via della Fiera - Rimini
20 - 25 August 2022
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Information offices

IAT - Ufficio Informazioni Rimini Centro Città
Piazzale Battisti 1 Rimini (RN)
telephone:+ 39 0541 51331 telephone:+ 39 0541 53399 Opening: Annual
IAT - Ufficio Informazioni di Rimini Marina Centro
Piazzale Fellini 3 Rimini (RN)
telephone:+ 39 0541 56902 telephone:+ 39 0541 53399 Opening: Annual
Rimini Visitor Center
Corso d’Augusto 235 Rimini (RN)
telephone:+ 39 0541 29833 Opening: Annual
Rimini Marvelli
Piazza Marvelli 8/b Rimini (RN)
telephone:+ 39 0541 390530 Opening: Seasonal

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