Festa dei Falò

Bonfire Festival in Rocca San Casciano

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    Rocca San Casciano
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    Street Show and folk events
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    Nature & Outdoor

The traditional Bonfire Festival takes place on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 April in Rocca San Casciano, the capital of Romagna-Tuscany, an event known throughout Italy that has its roots in the mists of time.

With the lighting of gigantic bonfires in competition between the two districts, surrounded by a suggestive fireworks display, you find yourself immersed in a truly magical atmosphere.

Along the banks of the Montone river, in the midst of the fierce supporters of the two districts, Borgo and Mercato, the majestic haystacks of broom, or rather of "thorns" as they are still called today since brambles and brushwood were used up until a few decades ago.

After the magic of the fire it's the turn of the "barrels", a competition between the two districts that offer their fireworks displays, real explosive "bursts"!

Later the party moves towards Piazza Garibaldi, where beautiful allegorical floats parade with hundreds of costumed figures: each district presents its own themed show with an explosion of music and joy that also involves the spectators.

 The square will be transformed into a gigantic disco, with dancing that will end late at night.


  • piazza Garibaldi - Rocca San Casciano (Rocca San Casciano)
15 - 16 April 2023
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