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Modena once again hosts Sciocolà, a major Italian chocolate festival.

The finest master chocolatiers and pastry chefs introduce visitors to artisan chocolate-making in its most delicious particulars, and a richly varied schedule of entertainment and of cultural and gastronomic events rounds out the sweetest exhibition of all.

The Sciocolà Chocolate Festival welcomes artisan chocolate makers from all over Italy to delight visitors with tasty tidbits from classic sweets to the most innovative novelties. Sample chocolate creams, truffles, macaroons, nut brittles, sugared almonds, rum- and liquor-filled chocolate candies, and so much more.

And there’s no shortage of temptations at Sciocolà for visitors committed to organic and additive-free food.

Live entertainment and gastronomic and cultural events for young and old make Sciocolà a major annual attraction.


  • Emilia Centro - Modena
29 October - 1 November 2022
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