Halloween in Grazzano Visconti

The haunted castle

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    Viale del Castello- Grazzano Visconti - Vigolzone
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The neomediaeval village of Grazzano Visconti celebrates Halloween on Sunday 31st October 2021.

The ghost of Aloisa has for centuries haunted the Castle of Grazzano Visconti, and many claim to have felt her presence, or to have suffered from her rage … are you brave enough to enter the esoteric castle and seek her traces? 

In the afternoon on Sunday 31 October 2021  it will be possible to visit the rooms of the haunted old castle for a terrifying experience. 

Between séances and esoteric actvities, mysterious and alarming characters will appear to evoke the mysterious Aloisa, a woman who loved, was betrayed, and died of a broken heart. 
(The visit must be booked and paid for ahead of time, and is not suited to children of less than 6 years old.)

In the village, shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as the Museum of Torture and the Wax Museum will be regularly open. 


  • Viale del Castello- Grazzano Visconti - Vigolzone
Oct 31, 2021
sunday only
In the Castle from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm Shops, cafés, restaurants and museums will be regularly open.
Full ticket
25,00 Euros (tour in the castle)

Information offices

Tourist Information Office Grazzano Visconti - Val Nure and Val Chero
Viale del Castello 2 Vigolzone (PC)
telephone:+ 39 0523 870997 iat@valnure.info
Last update 09/10/2021

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