Antonio Ligabue. An artist's life

Palazzo dei Diamanti celebrates the artistic and human experience of Antonio Ligabue.

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The exhibition sums up the artistic itinerary of the painter, sculptor and drawer, born in Switzerland and raised in Emilia-Romagna, who became one of the main international artists of the XX Century.

Through a path of selected works, it will be possible to understand the evolution of the creative language of this artist, from folklore to portraiture, analysing his unconventional iconography, very intense and full of expression.

His life really was like a television series. A life full of poverty, loneliness, isolation, but also full of love towards art.

Born in Zurich, in 1899, after a difficult childhood and youth, in 1919 Ligabue came to Gualtieri (Reggio Emilia), his stepfather's home town. Here, he experienced many diseases and problems, and he was also hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic. In 1928, he met the artist Renato Marino Mazzacurati, who helped him practice art as a profession.

"Toni al mat" (the mad), as he was called, found in this artistic practice that safe place he had never been to, and also the opportunity to express his feelings.

In 1961, thanks to Mazzacurati and Giancarlo Vigorelli, he had the chance to display some of his works at the Barcaccia Gallery in Rome. After this exhibition, he is officially considered by the public as one of the great Italian artists of his Century.

At Palazzo dei Diamanti, with an exhibition of 100 works of art, it will be possible to re-discover shapes and colors of a very original personality, able to express his natural strength and his creative power. Portraits, self-portraits, landscapes, still life, and above all his tigers, lions, snakes, and many more animals, are waiting for us as in a fantastic jungle on the Po river.

Entrance to the exhibition is admitted in limited numbers. Visitors with reservations will be granted priority entrance.
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