Klimt, Ritratto di Signora

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    Via San Siro, 12 - Piacenza
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    Trade shows
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    Art & Culture
  • Date
    Apr 27 - 27 Jun
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Portrait of a Lady, by Gustav Klimt is finally on display at Galleria d'Arte Moderna Ricci Oddi. It was stolen in 1997 and found in a trap door in the garden of the gallery in winter 2019.

From April 27 2021 it will be possible to admire the new exhibition dedicated to the masterpiece thanks to the exhibition "Klimt: Ritratto di Signora, ritorno in Galleria"

The Klimt Project, which includes three exhibitions dedicated to this artist, is a program that will include two more exhibitions, one  dedicated to "Klimt and the secret masters of Ricci Oddi" and a the second one called "Klimt Inspiration". 
The project will continue until 2022.

Info and reservations: riccioddi.it

Last update 16/05/2021

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