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Lavacchio was mentioned for the first time in 1034 in a document mentioning other places as well. Fortified by stages, in 1242 it became one of the biggest defensive points of the district.

The area of Lavacchio is comprehended in the hamlet of of Lavacchio is comprehended in the hamlet of Niviano and finds its symbol in the Tower, currently restored, thanks to the Cultural Circle of Lavacchio.

The restorations have strengthened the valuable framework that had long been neglected. Characteristic; the little church, consecrated in 1522 and dedicated to S. Anna, with the peculiar bell tower in the middle of the facade. Nowadays, Lavacchio is the seat of a well-known wall painting festival.

In the neighbourhood rise the villages of Niviano and Galinamorta and their oratories. Very interesting are also the little hamlets of Beneverchio and Mulino Cornola.

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