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    Forlì 78 km - Cesena 60 km

Descending Mount Fumaiolo on Provincial Road SP 43, Riofreddo (Rivi Frigidis) is the first town we come across, perched on a spur of sandstone which rises from the ravine formed by the springs of the Alferello.

The origins of the town date back to 1372, and nowadays it is a lively place with villas immersed in the renowned greenery of its nature.

The food is simple and local specialities include scottiglia, mushrooms, truffles and game, and especially roe deer.

Last update 13/07/2020

Information offices

City Tourism Association of Riofreddo
Piazza San Francesco 2 Riofreddo (Verghereto)
+ 39 0543 910021 347 1449452 + 39 0543 910106 + 39 0543 910106

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