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Which seaside resort should you choose for your break on the Emilia-Romagna Riviera?
What is there to see at the Po Delta Park?
What is the history behind Bologna's porticoes?

The publications listed in this section provide answers to these questions and many more about the Emilia-Romagna area to help you plan all the finer details of your holiday.

The list below is divided by topic and also includes maps of a number of cities, cycling routes and more detailed information on regional food and wine specialties.

This material is free to download and available in a variety of languages.

Ferrara Capital of the Renaissance

Discovering the Renaissance heart of Ferrara through 5 thematic itineraries between the city center and the province.

Walking along the Gothic Line - The path of memory

Seven itineraries of the Memory, through places and itineraries on the Gothic Line. It is possible to follow the itineraries by car, by motorbike or by bike, to discover the territory East of Bologna and its history. 

Curated by PLNET Proloco network: Pro Loco Castel del Rio, Pro Loco Castel San Pietro Terme, Pro loco Castel Guelfo di Bologna, Pro loco Medicina, Pro Loco Dozza, Pro Loco Ozzano dell'Emilia, Pro loco Imola, Pro Loco Borgo Tossignano.

Unforgettable Experiences #inEmiliaRomagna

A collection of the best stories from content creators from around the world.

Salsomaggiore Terme (PR) - Sale et Terra de Salsis

A guide to the Sale et Terra de Salsis itinerary: a journey to discover the landscapes,the salt and waters history and the nature.

Salsomaggiore Terme (PR) - Culturale Routes

This map points out the main touristic destinations around Salsomaggiore and Tabiano Terme. There are reported the castles of the Duchy, museums, churches, parks and Verdi's land.

Ferrara - Sense the city

Information on the monuments and museums in Ferrara, complete with suggestive pictures

Comacchio Po Delta Park Riviera - Enjoy your holiday!

A specific guidebook of Comacchio and its Lidos, with a detailed list of events, bathing establishments and all kind of useful information, complete with splendid pictures.

Riviera di Comacchio. Nice to meet you! 2020

New Catalogue 2020: the tale of a family holiday through shores, sea and nature; an experience of pleasure, taste, beauty and freedom at the Beaches of Comacchio and the Po Delta Park.

Provincia di Ferrara. Endless beauty

The publication comes complete with splendid pictures, useful information and curiosities.

20 reasons to visit Emilia in 2020+21

20 reasons to visit Emilia in 2020+21

Modena Town Hall

The Town Hall is a conglomeration of buildings that were constructed for various reasons in different eras. Today it actually comprises eight ancient palazzos.

The Ducale Palace

The Palazzo housed the Este Court for more than two centuries and is today the headquarters of the Italian Military Academy. 

Romagna bike

Romagna is a generous land, a land of champions packed with breath-taking routes, facilities and events. In Romagna, hapiness travels on two wheels.

Galliera, Pieve di Cento and their territories

The natural Area "Bisana", the territories of Galliera and Pieve di Cento and two itineraries to discover them.

Crevalcore and its territory

The natural area "Vasche ex zuccherificio", the old town center, the villas in the countryside and 3 itineraries to discover them.

Rocca di Riolo Terme

Discovering the Rocca di Riolo Terme, an ancient stronghold of the Senio Valley.

San Mauro Mare Tourist accomodation yearbook 2021

Discover all the accommodation facilities

Along the paths of the Food museums

A fascinating journey through art, history, gastronomy and nature in the area of Parma.

Explore the Savio Valley

A splendid valley between Romagna and Tuscany that extends from the sources of the Tiber river and the Savio river to the plain that laps the Adriatic Sea.

Explore Mercato Saraceno

Discover the scenic beauty and nature trails that make Mercato Saraceno a pleasant stop in the Savio valley.

Castel Guelfo, where traditions are a lifestyle.

Visit Castel Guelfo, a small town where traditions are a true lifestyle.  

History, events, itineraries, food andwine. 

Piacenza - city map 2019

A map of Piacenza city centre including the most important monuments which are worth a visit 

Dozza, the Rocca and the Painted Wall

Itineraries to get to know the Rocca di Dozza, the Borgo dal Muro Dipinto and the wine cellars on the rolling hills of Imola

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