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Emilia-Romagna, the Land of Motors, is known as “Motor Valley”, a heaven for racing and motor enthusiasts

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The passion for racing and motors runs through the veins in Emilia-Romagna. It is rare to find such a high concentration of car and motorcycle manufacturers, motor racing tracks, museums and collectors in one place.

This is where the name Motor Valley comes from, and there is no better definition to describe a region that is historically linked to the production of race cars and motorcycles, which has made speed a way of life. A tradition that is kept alive today thanks to constant research and technological experimentation, and high-level professional and academic courses.

There are just so many places that nurture this passion for motors in the area. From the famous racetracks of Imola and Misano to the factories of famous race car and motorbike brands, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Dallara, Ducati, to the museum and collections, such as the museum dedicated to “Sic”, Marco Simoncelli, right up to minimoto, go-kart and motocross tracks.

“You can’t describe the passion, you can only experience it”, so said Enzo Ferrari.
And to truly experience it, Motor Valley offers visitors a series of unforgettable things to do in the most symbolic locations of the land of motors. Just take a look at the various options below and choose from an experience driving on the racetracks of Emilia-Romagna, guided tours of the museums and factories, or the numerous other courses and events on the calendar.

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Experience the events of Emilia Romagna

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