Via Emilia Roadtrip

Explore the Heart of Italy On the Road

Welcome to the Via Emilia, the ancient route that runs the length of Emilia-Romagna, completed by the Roman consul Marcus Aemilius Lepidus in 187BC, and linking Rimini, on the coast, with Piacenza, in the north.

Along the way are 10 fine cities rich in art, architecture, history and culture, all deep in a landscape punctuated by medieval villages and noble fortresses.

Each of these cities is a stopping-off point on a slow-travel discovery of Emilia-Romagna, with myriad Unesco World Heritage sites, iconic locations in the history of cinema, 18 pilgrim trails, 17 natural parks, 20-plus amusement and adventure parks, 110km of fully serviced beaches, 24 thermal resorts and endless opportunities for sport, including a multitude of bike trails. The region is also home to 44 food and wine products with the DOP/IGP guarantee of quality, and the great automotive brands that have made Emilia-Romagna famous all over the world.

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