National White Truffle Fair

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  • Place
    Piazza Garibaldi - Sant'Agata Feltria
  • Events
    Multiple events, Markets and Market Exhibitions
  • Interests
    Riviera, Food Valley

In Sant'Agata Feltria, in Val Marecchia on the Rimini hills, a national event has been held every year for three decades that attracts numerous admirers of the delicious and fragrant white truffle.

Hypnotized by the “truffle”, besides the famous tuber, stands sell all the autumnal products this generous Apennine area offers including mushrooms, chestnuts, honey, officinal herbs and other agricultural and pastoral products (like Fossa cheese, a tradition that has recently been rediscovered).

The careful selection of products and the specialities present at the fair are a guarantee of wholesomeness and freshness and make this event one of the most important in the sector. Specialities made using truffles and mushrooms can be savoured in the restaurants and on the stands. The roads, squares and most characteristic areas of the village, which boasts the title of “Truffle City”, are filled with inebriating aromas.

Several exhibitions and shows are held lasting the entire duration of the event.


  • Piazza Garibaldi - Sant'Agata Feltria
3 - 31 October 2021
sunday only
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Information offices

Tourist Information Office Sant'Agata Feltria
Piazza Garibaldi 31 Sant'Agata Feltria (RN)
+ 39 0541 848022 Opening: Annual
Last update 31/08/2021

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