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Gardening exhibition with the best Italian nurserymen

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    Via Tiberio - Rimini
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    Multiple events
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    Nature & Outdoor, Riviera

Gardeners know well what patience is, the time of waiting, the time of sacrifice, the time of care, the time needed to protect the seeds in the earth to keep them sheltered. Nature tells us that we need a break to be reborn and flourish more luxuriantly every year. 

So the gardening exhibition with the best Italian nurserymen returns to Rimini for the autumn edition, to re-propose a program full of events and new ideas for decorating homes and gardens with garden experts, artisans, artists and designers.
In the meantime, watch the video below.


  • Via Tiberio - Rimini
16 - 18 September 2022
9.30am - 8.30pm

Information offices

IAT - Ufficio Informazioni Rimini Centro Città
Piazzale Battisti 1 Rimini (RN)
telephone:+ 39 0541 51331 telephone:+ 39 0541 53399 Opening: Annual
IAT - Ufficio Informazioni di Rimini Marina Centro
Piazzale Fellini 3 Rimini (RN)
telephone:+ 39 0541 56902 telephone:+ 39 0541 53399 Opening: Annual
Rimini Visitor Center
Corso d’Augusto 235 Rimini (RN)
telephone:+ 39 0541 29833 Opening: Annual
Rimini Marvelli
Piazza Marvelli 8/b Rimini (RN)
telephone:+ 39 0541 390530 Opening: Seasonal

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