Ligabue and Vitaloni. Giving voice to nature

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In the historical centre of Parma in the beautiful ancient Tarasconi palace, a great exhibition dedciated to Antonio Ligabue.

Antonio Ligabue and Michele Vitaloni share a particular empathy with the animal kingdom and while narrating its wonders, they investigate human nature. Especially when we talk about artistic inspiration, these two amazing interpreters draw their powerful representations from that instinctive and primordial part that ties humans to animals. When we hear the tiger’s roar we may run away or we may find a place to raise that voice. 

In the exhibition 83 paintings and 4 sculptures by Ligabue in order to analyze the themes of his artistic work, from self-portraits, to landscapes, and wild and domestic animals. Moreover, 15 plastic works by Michele Vitaloni.


  • Via Farini, 37 - Parma
17 September 2020 - August 29, 2021
every day but monday
Tuesday - Saturday 4pm - 11pm. Sunday: 10am - 7.30pm. The box office closes one hour before. Monday: closed. Advance sale:
telephone:+ 39 0521242703

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