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This municipality is located on the right of the ancient main branch of the Po.

Why visit it

Traditionally a holiday retreat for high society, over the centuries its territory was enriched by villas and patrician homes. It was the Este family who made this area popular starting in the 15th century when the marquee Niccolò II decided to build the  Delizia di Belriguardo in Voghiera.

The Civic Museum of Belriguardo is situated in the area near the tower at the entrance to Belriguardo Palace and it is divided into three sections: Renaissance, Modern Art, and Archaeology,  with its Roman exhibits from nearby Voghenza, one of the oldest towns in the Province of Ferrara.

Don't miss

Delizia di Belriguardo

Built in 1435, the Delizia del Belriguardo was the first to be built outside the walls of Ferrara. It was one of the largest and most sumptuous stately homes of the Renaissance period, so much so that it was dubbed "The Versailles of the Estensi".

On the table

The garlic of Voghiera is particularly well known and has been given the Protected Geographical Origin mark. During the garlic festival in Voghiera the local producers meet to exchange their views on production techniques and garlic varieties.

Last update 02/06/2021

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