Presepe a Gatteo Mare

The artistic nativity scene of Gatteo Mare

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Traditional appointment in Gatteo Mare with the artistic nativity scene in Piazza della Libertà. The animated artistic nativity scene conceived and created by Marco Fantini and his family celebrates the new settlement that developed in Gatteo Mare around 1922.

The locality, which at that time was called 'Le Due Bocche' due to its geographical position, located precisely between the mouths of two rivers, developed in those years a hybrid identity, based on a subsistence economy in which peasant civilization met the seafaring one. That strip of land in Romagna that was uninhabited until the early 1900s, and characterized by millenary sand dunes where the river meets the sea, therefore began to populate.

In the nativity it is possible to recognize the first house on the sand, the tower for the sighting of pirate ships, the first restaurant that will begin the much-famous hospitality of the place and which in the scene is occupied by the Holy Family.

The nativity can be visited every day from 11 December 2022 until 15 January 2023


  • Piazza della Libertà - Gatteo
11 December 2022 - January 15, 2023
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telephone:+ 39 0547 86083

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Tourist Information Office Gatteo Mare
Piazza della Libertà 10 Gatteo (FC) telephone:+ 39 0547 86083 + 39 0547 85393 Opening: Annual
Last update 28/11/2022

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