Pet-friendly beaches: legislation and rules to be respected

Beaches, dog beaches and beach establishments: all the rules you need to respect when bringing your dog to the seaside

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Emilia-Romagna is a welcoming and hospitable land. Just like everyone else and just as it has always been, every year, when the summer arrives, people flock to the coasts of the Adriatic sea, and it is no different for our faithful four-legged friends, who join their human families.

From the lidos of Comacchio to the beaches of Cattolica, the whole coastline offers a wide range of services and spaces designed specifically with pets in mind.

On the one hand, there are institutional activities with ordinances and regulations that determine which beaches are freely accessible to pets and how we should behave on them; on the other hand, there are private initiatives – such as beach resorts and accommodation facilities – that offer many advantages: agility courses and areas where dogs can roam about freely, beach umbrellas, showers and small swimming pools, free training courses, as well as, naturally, a bowl of water and some kibble for everyone.

If you are planning a seaside holiday, before leaving, it is always advisable to inquire about the laws and regulations governing the presence of your furry friends on the beach, and about the services and areas specially designed for them.

Every year, by 31 March, the Emilia-Romagna Region issues a bathing ordinance that constitutes the legal framework to be respected and safeguarded, which includes restrictions and access procedures for dogs on the beach. 
After this, all the Municipalities of the Adriatic Riviera add to this with their own supplementary ordinance, outlining specific terms, criteria and procedures to be followed in order to guarantee the quality of the service they offer.

Guidelines to follow before leaving:

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