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Rimini is set to host the “Longest New Year’s Eve in the world”, with round 150 events for a month of celebrations, from December to Epiphany, including music, art, culture, cinema, shows and Christmas initiatives, markets, nativity scenes and the ice rink in the Christmas Village in Fellini Square which, from 3 December, will accompany the arrival of the holidays. 

The “Capodanno più lungo del mondo” program lasts more than one month, starting on Saturday 3 December with the lighting of the Christmas lights, at 5 pm, with an evocative countdown - by Piacere Spiaggia Rimini - that will create a festive anticipation with a marching band and Christmas carols around the streets of the historical centre, a beautiful Christmas postcard, which will officially open the ‘Rimini, il capodanno più lungo del mondo’ events program, until the Epiphany.

Then, on 31st December, the New Year festivities will be distributed amongst ten places of the historical centre, which come together to embrace the heart of Piazza Malatesta, where the extraordinary show of the Fire at the Castle will be staged, among fire cascades and colours.

The entire city - united by a widespread musical belt, ranging between all sounds and touching all the venues - will accompany the fire show (which will be staged first at half past midnight, and then at 2:00 am). Piazza Cavourpiazza Malatesta, Teatro Galli and Teatro degli Atti, the Library courtyard and the new wing of the Museo della Città, the Part, the Surgeon’s House and the Hall of Justice. Every venue will showcase a different artistic and musical offer.

After two years in a minor version, due to the pandemic, this year, the entire city of Rimini is once again the star of the New Year’s Eve holidays, with a packed program of music, dj sets, lights and culture, with some of the best artists around, for an event dedicated to quality music. From hip hop to electronic music by popular rapper Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc, in his DJ version this time, who will also perform some of his hits live, to Kelly Joyce’s pop-jazz and swing repertoire, accompanied by the musicians of the Gioacchino Rossini Orchestra from Pesaro, Paradiso Reunion with DJs from historical Rimini clubs, such as Gianni Morri, Max Padovani, Paolo Nhe, Michelino & Paolino ZanettiMark Lanzetta, DJ Max Monti & GAM GAM, Radio RDS 100% Grandi Successi hosts Roberta Lanfranchi e Claudio Guerrini, the rock sounds of Satellite DJs, and the Latin notes of Nunez and Grancaribe, dj sets by Ricky MontanariNiconote live, the Club Paradiso duo, Labiuse, Carebears, the artistic toast with classical music at the Museo della Città, and acoustic music at the Surgeon’s House. A long night of music, with ten city venues lit up by the fire at the castle.

The cultural New Year’s Eve continues until 2 am, with extraordinary night openings and open Museums, with free access from 9 pm, and guided tours until 2 pm at Palazzo del Fulgor, Part, Teatro Galli, Domus and Museo della città.

And to greet the new year, from Teatro Galli’s stage, Giuseppe Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’ (on 1 January 2023 at 5:30 pm, on 3 and 5 January at 8:30 pm) with the Coro Lirico Città di Rimini Amintore Galli, accompanied by Rimini’s Orchestra da Camera, directed by Concert Master Stefano Pecci, Chorus Master Marcello Mancini,and directed by Paolo Panizza.

All information on the reference site www.riminiturismo.it


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1 December 2022 - January 8, 2023
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