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579th edition. The Marriage of the Sea has been revived in Cervia since 1445 with the rite of the ring and the rediscovery of traditions

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Now in its 579th edition, it remains a fascinating event and one of the city's most heartfelt celebrations.

This ancient rite has been held since 1445, when the then Bishop of Cervia Pietro Barbo, on Ascension Day, on his way back from an embassy in Venice, was surprised by a storm, which he calmed by throwing his ring into the water.

The Archbishop of the Diocese of Ravenna and Cervia went out to sea on a fishing boat, blessed the Adriatic Sea and donated a gold ring to the waters, thus continuing the vow made in 1445.

Cervia still relives the atmosphere and preserves the traditions linked to this rite.

On Ascension Sunday, the historic procession starts from Cervia's main square, Piazza Garibaldi, where lords, bishops, ladies and mayors parade in sumptuous period costumes, accompanying the ring that will be thrown into the sea in the historic ceremony of the "marriage of the city with the waters of the Adriatic".

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  • Piazza Garibaldi - Cervia
  • Via Nazario Sauro - Cervia
20 - 21 May 2023
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