Paganello 2023

Easter in Rimini with Paganello Beach Ultimate Awards, international frisbee competition

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Throughout the Easter weekend, Rimini beach will be invaded by the ‘flying saucers’ of Paganello, the World Cup of Beach Ultimate, the sport of Frisbee played on sand.
It is a huge frisbee event where the best athletes in this entertaining sport arrive from all over the world.

Frisbee players will be gathering in a whirl of choreography, tricks and breathtaking movements.

Paganello is not only a sport event but it is also an opportunity to meet people from around the world. 


  • Lungomare Augusto Murri, 10a - Rimini
8 - 10 April 2023
every monday and tuesday and saturday and sunday
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IAT - Ufficio Informazioni Rimini Centro Città
Piazzale Battisti 1 Rimini (RN)
telephone:+ 39 0541 51331 telephone:+ 39 0541 53399 Opening: Annual
IAT - Ufficio Informazioni di Rimini Marina Centro
Piazzale Fellini 3 Rimini (RN)
telephone:+ 39 0541 56902 telephone:+ 39 0541 53399 Opening: Annual
Rimini Visitor Center
Corso d’Augusto 235 Rimini (RN)
telephone:+ 39 0541 29833 Opening: Annual
Rimini Marvelli
Piazza Marvelli 8/b Rimini (RN)
telephone:+ 39 0541 390530 Opening: Seasonal

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