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In Bassa Romagna art and nature meet through artistic and musical experiments where the landscape turns into a fascinating stage where shows take on a nearly surreal dimension. 

This year Bassa Romagna is hosting the event called Elementi that will take place throughout all of Romagna on Friday, 14th July and Sunday, 13th August and 24th September.

Elementi was born in 2020 from the idea of the MAGMA and MU associations to dedicate a festival to contemporary music and performing arts, with cross contemporary languages in relation to the emotional power of the symbolic and uncontaminated landscapes that characterize our territory.

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Friday, 14th July
Aeroporto F. Baracca - Via Ripe di Bagnara 4, Lugo (RA)
Time: from 8pm

Live: CTM (Cæcilie Trier) [Link]
Live: Puce Mary (Frederikke Hoffmeier) [Link]
Djset: Pho Bho Records [Link]

Sunday, 13th August
Casa del Diavolo e dell’Agnese - Via Destra Senio 88, Alfonsine (RA)
Time: from 6pm

Live: Japan Blues Meets The Dengie Hundred [Link]
Djset: Japan Blues [Link]
Djset: The Dengie Hundred [Link]
Djset: aka.Zato [Link]
Live: Twoonky [Link]

Sunday, 24th September
Bosco di Conselice - Via Risorgimento 10, Conselice (RA)
Ártemis (Francesco Toninelli and Maria Valentina Chirico)


  • Aeroporto F. Baracca
    Via Ripe di Bagnara, 4 - Lugo (Lugo)
  • Casa dell'Agnese e Casa del diavolo
    Via Destra Senio, 88 - Alfonsine (Alfonsine)
  • Via Risorgimento, 10 - Conselice (Conselice)
14 July - 24 September 2023
For more details see the programme
  • Free event

Information offices

Ufficio Informazioni Lugo
Largo Relencini, 1 - Lugo (RA)
+ 39 0545 299441 + 39 0545 299444 urp@comune.lugo.ra.it
Ufficio Informazioni Alfonsine
Piazza Antonio Gramsci, 1 - Alfonsine (RA)
+ 39 0544 866666 + 39 0544 866648 urp@comune.alfonsine.ra.it
Ufficio Informazioni Conselice
Via G. Garibaldi, 14 - Conselice (RA)
+ 39 0545 986910 urp@comune.conselice.ra.it

Last update 29/08/2023

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