Homage to the Duke

The eight 'contrade', in their superb Renaissance costumes, pay homage to the Duke Borso in Piazza Castello

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A procession takes place to pay homage to the Dukes of Ferrara. This parade has close ties with the traditional "Palio" that dates back to 1259 and is much loved by tourists and locals alike. Representatives of the eight contrade of the city dress up in superb period costumes and parade through the castle to pay homage to the Duke. Each contrada tries to better the other in terms of its performances, dance and surprise elements.


  • Sunday, March 26th at 11.00 Rione Santa Maria in Vado
  • Sunday, April 2nd at 11.00: Rione San Benedetto
  • Monday, April 10th at 11.00: Borgo San Luca
  • Sunday, April 16th at 11.00: Rione San Paolo
  • Sunday, April 23rd at 11.00: Borgo San Giacomo
  • Sunday, April 30th at 11.00: Borgo San Giorgio
  • Monday, May 1st at 11.00: Rione Santo Spirito



  • Piazza Castello - Ferrara (Ferrara)
26 March - 1 May 2023
h. 11 am
  • Free event

Information offices

IAT - Ufficio Informazioni Accoglienza Turistica Ferrara
Largo Castello - Ferrara (FE)
+ 39 0532 419190 infotur@comune.fe.it Opening: all year round

Last update 16/04/2023

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