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Sunday 7 April returns Carnival in Piazza Saffi from 3 p.m..

A "wonderful" masked event in the splendid Piazza Saffi: entertainment shows with tightrope walking, acrobatics, juggling and circus performers as well as pure magic with professional illusionists, music, confetti, streamers, sweets and other attractions for everyone.

"Il Carnevale delle Meraviglie" ("The Carnival of Wonders"): wonder and amazement, synonyms of enchantment and beauty for this new 2024 edition, that will reserve many novelties to attract citizens and tourists to the historic centre, for an afternoon of great fun and suspense dedicated to families and children.

A real party for all children, masked and not, created by the many performers arranged in various fixed positions around the square and others who will form travelling parades with masks and costumes amidst music and lights.

There will be many novelties, including the presence of the "HeroesBus", a real bus set up with images of the most famous superheroes, where all the children will be able to get on, have a photo taken with their favourite superhero and possibly buy a souvenir gadget. They will find also themed workshops to immerse themselves completely in the fantastic world of superheroes.

The ever-present confetti and streamers will be shot skywards at various times during the afternoon, in a riot of colour to envelop spectators in a magical carnival atmosphere.

Fire-eaters and fairy-tale characters will attract the audience's attention while giant soap bubbles will be blown into the air.

During the parades, the wonderful characters will distribute candy to the audience, and for those with a sweet tooth there will be stalls with sweets, cotton candy, crepes, waffles, popcorn and various delicacies.

Between one show and another there will be the musical entertainment of Radio Bruno, with presenter Fausto Peppi, to transform the square into a real dance floor.


  • Piazza Saffi - Forlì (Forlì)
Apr 7, 2024
For more details see the programme
  • Free event

Information offices

Piazza Aurelio Saffi, 8 - Forlì (FC)
+39 0543 712362 + 39 0543 712450 Opening: all year round

Last update 09/02/2024

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