Palio of Ferrara

A month of celebrations, parades, flag-throwing competitions and a spectacular horse race in Piazza Ariostea

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The Palio was made official in 1279 and rapidly transformed into the symbol of a glorious and fascinating Renaissance.

Since then, rituals and dates have only changed slightly, and the celebration in the town has not been altered. A month of celebrations, parades, races and competitions between the eight Contrade [neighborhoods linked to the parish] to win the precious tapestry dedicated to Saint George, the patron saint of Ferrara.

The warm month of May welcomes the participants in original costume who parade through the streets of the city centre and the hard-fought flag-throwing competitions in Piazza del Municipio accompany us up to the spectacular horse race in Piazza Ariostea.

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Meeting place: Piazza Ariostea
When: May 27th 
The races traditionally take place every year on the last Saturday of May, to recall the extraordinary Palio that celebrated the crowning of Borso d'Este as first Duke of Ferrara in 1471.
There are four races:
Corsa dei putti - Boys' race (Palio di San Romano)
Corsa delle putte - Girls' race (Palio di San Paolo)
Corsa delle asine - Donkey race (Palio di San Maurelio)
Corsa dei cavalli - Horse race (Palio di San Giorgio).


  • Via Terranuova - Ferrara (Ferrara)
  • Piazza del Municipio - Ferrara (Ferrara)
  • Piazzale Medaglie d'Oro - Corso della Giovecca - Ferrara (Ferrara)
  • and others places
6 - 27 May 2023
For more details see the programme
  • Free event
+ 39 0532 751263

Information offices

IAT - Ufficio Informazioni Accoglienza Turistica Ferrara
Largo Castello - Ferrara (FE)
+ 39 0532 419190 Opening: all year round

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