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The pumpkin is one of the staples of the Lower Reggio Emilia cuisine. Every year the town of Reggiolo dedicates a festival to it to enhance this gastronomic speciality’s reputation.

During the Pumpkin Festival several tastings and pumpkin specialities take place at local restaurants.

Medieval shows, falconry, knights' tournaments and ancient crafts are scheduled in the town centre and in Parco Salici September 24.


  • Piazza dei Martiri - Reggiolo (Reggiolo)
21 - 29 September 2024
Every Saturday and Sunday
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  • Some paid events

Information offices

Proloco Reggiolo
Piazza del Martiri, 2/a - Reggiolo (RE)
+ 39 338 6188748 prolocoreggiolo@gmail.com Opening: seasonal

Last update 24/01/2024

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