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Every day we work to make you live a safe and worry-free holiday #inEmiliaRomagna.

Implementing all the precautionary measures against Covid-19 regarding hotel and extra-hotel accommodation facilities, bathing establishments, restaurants, museums, spas, parks and gardens and much more.

We are ready to welcome all tourists who choose our region for their holidays: we are waiting for you!

From May 24, 2021, all travelers who want to enter Italy, by any means of transport, are required to fill in the dPLF - Digital Passenger Locator Form before entering the national territory. 

Under national and regional laws, tourists are required to report to the Department of Public Health by completing the self-declaration form.

From 1st July the COVID-19 green certification is valid as EU digital COVID certificate and makes it easier to travel to and from all countries of the European Union and the Schengen area.

From 1st September the COVID-19 green certification in Italy will be required  - Legislative Decree n.105 of 23 July 2021 - to access / use:

  • Catering services provided by any establishment for consumption at the table indoors;
  • Long-speed transport services on airplanes, high-speed trains, Intercity and Intercity night, as well as buses and ferries connecting multiple regions. On the other hand, the certificate is not required on urban public transport, such as buses, trams, metro and city funiculars, and people who get on regional trains are also exempt from it.
  • Shows open to the public, events and sports;
  • Museums, other institutes and places of culture and exhibitions;
  • Swimming pools, swimming centers, gyms, team sports, wellness centers, even within accommodation facilities, limited to indoor activities;
  • Festivals and fairs, conferences and congresses;
  • Spas, theme and amusement parks;
  • Cultural centers, social and recreational centers, limited to indoor activities
  • Game sales, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos.

The COVID-19 green certification certifies one of the following conditions:

  • negative swab (molecular test or quick antigen test) in the last 48 hours
  • certificate of vaccination in the last 9 months
  • recovery from Covid in the last 6 months

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Since June 14, Emilia Romagna is in the white zone and these are the main active measures in our territory:

  • Mask and spacing - Obligation to wear the face mask in indoor public places. Outdoors, the use of the mask is not mandatory, except in situations in which interpersonal distancing cannot be guaranteed or there are gatherings or crowds. It is understood that it is mandatory to always have the mask with you.
  • Public transport (trains, buses, trams and subways) - circulate with 80% of passengers (with the exception of vehicles that use Hepa filters).
  • Traveling by car - it is possible to move by car without booking together with spouses, cohabitants and permanent associates. For people not living together, the maximum number of people transported is 3 (including the driver), everyone must wear a mask and the passenger seat next to the driver must remain free and passengers must sit on opposite sides of the rear seat.
  • Moving in Italy - movements between different regions in the white and yellow areas (therefore low risk) are always allowed, while movements to regions of different colors require the COVID-19 green certification.
  • Movements outside your home - there are no hourly limits to travel.
  • Hotels and accommodation facilities are regularly open - For the guests of the accommodation facilities, the COVID 19 green certification is not necessary either to take advantage of the overnight stay only or to access the indoor catering services. The green pass is instead required for people who are not accommodated.
  • Restaurants, bars, pubs, ice cream parlors and pastry shops are open - table consumption is always allowed. There are no number of people who can limit to the same outdoor table. Indoors, they can choose up to a maximum of 6 non-cohabiting people; there are no limits to the number of people for 2 families who decide to eat together at the same table. They must display a sign indicating the maximum number of people allowed inside them at the same time. Home delivery of food is always allowed and also catering with take away.
  • Open places of culture - museums, galleries, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, live clubs, libraries, cultural institutes with safe and contingent use methods. Also open on weekends without reservation, although it is always recommended.
  • Free and equipped beaches - free access. The bathing establishments can request a reservation for access to the beach. Each umbrella must have a free space of at least 10.50 square meters around it. Individual sports such as beach tennis, swimming and surfing are allowed, respecting distances. Masks are mandatory in common areas (bars, restaurants, etc.) and indoors, they are not mandatory on the beach when you are at a safe distance from strangers. On free beaches, the distance of at least one meter from other people must be respected and when positioning umbrellas and deck chairs, the indications valid for bathing establishments must be followed.
  • Open shops and shopping centers
  • Sporting events open to the public - the maximum number of spectators cannot be 60% of the maximum authorized capacity indoors and 75% outdoors.
  • Open theme parks and amusement parks
  • Fair and conference activities allowed
  • Open thermal establishments / spas 
  • Open both outdoor and indoor pools
  • Open Gaming and betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos
  • Possible private parties also deriving from civil and / or religious ceremonies outdoors and indoors with Green Pass (in compliance with the rules set out in the Reopening Decree)
  • Discos open

All activities will be open in compliance with health prevention measures, interpersonal distancing, protocols and guidelines adopted to prevent or reduce the risk of contagion.

Updated list of regions and relative band assigned.

If you arrive from abroad, consult the restrictions valid between Italy and your country of destination or origin on the "Focus: Italian citizens returning from abroad and foreign citizens in Italy" of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Finally, we also remember the importance of:

Due to the current evolving situation, sudden regulatory changes may occur with consequent loosening or tightening of the measures.

This page and its sections will be constantly updated.

Last update 30/04/2021
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