Cesenatico and surroundings: the most beautiful places to take a photo

The best photographic points for taking a photo in Cesenatico and its surroundings

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If you are passionate about photography and want to capture the most evocative places on the Romagna coast, here are some ideas for visiting the best photographic points of interest

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    24 hours
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  • First stop - The Giant Heart Gatteo

    We start from the Gatteo Mare coast from Piazza Romagna Mia

    This is where the heart of Romagna is located, the perfect place for a selfie: a large sculpture-structure invites everyone to sit and take a souvenir photo framed by a cobalt blue sky. 

    Gatteo is the capital of Liscio, the place of origin of Secondo and Raoul Casadei, and hosts several symbolic places for lovers of this musical genre.
    In Via I Maggio in Villa Riccarda, the house where Secondo composed the Romagna anthem, you can photograph the verses of “Romagna Mia”. If you walk towards Viale Giulio Cesare and Viale delle Nazioni it is possible to enjoy the evening lights with the verses of “Romagna Capitale” and “Romagna Mia” to create original settings.

    Another unmissable place is the pedestrian bridge over the Rubicone on the border between San Mauro Mare and Gatteo. Take a photo of it from different angles with the mouth of the Rubicone river in the background and the bust of Julius Caesar in the foreground; don't forget to touch his shiny nose, it seems to bring good luck!

  • Second stop - Kissing Areas San Mauro Mare

    In your holiday photo book, you cannot miss a selfie in the "Kissing areas”. These are authentic romantic oases positioned in the viewpoints in San Mauro Mare. Here you can capture magnificent photos especially at sunrise. Whenever you pass through these areas, kissing is a must: you can kiss your sweethearts, your children and grandchildren, and why not, even your four-legged friends.

    Finally, be sure to explore the nearby San Mauro Pascoli, just 7 km away. It is a small town rich in history where you can still feel the atmosphere of the ancient village so beloved by the poet Giovanni Pascoli. Don't miss the Pascoli Poetry Park with the House Museum and Multimedia Museum at Villa Torlonia. Here you can dive into the history and cultural heritage of this fascinating location, capturing some distinctive architectural elements.

  • Third stop - Leonardesco Canal Port of Cesenatico Cesenatico

    Another scenography much appreciated by photographers is the Canal port of Cesenatico redesigned by Leonardo Da Vinci. The colorful houses and fishing boats moored on the docks, together with the ancient wooden boats with purple and yellow ocher sails make this location magical at any time of day.

    It is a small world developed all around the canal port, which during the Christmas period lights up with magic thanks to the lights and the historic Floating Nativity Scene. A particular point to take a unique photo of the Canal port is the House of the poet Marino
    Moretti, now the location of a public museum and center of literary studies that can be visited all year round. From here you will have, thanks to the "window on the canal", the possibility of enjoy a suggestive and unusual view.

    Another interesting place to take a souvenir photo is also the Piazza Spose dei Marinai along the coast of Cesenatico: if there is an open place where it is possible to breathe the smell of the sea and gaze beyond the horizon it is definitely this. From here the quay of the Molo di Ponente starts, overlooked, one after the other, by the characteristic fishing huts, an ideal place for a photographic set from sunrise to sunset.

    Finally, again in the seaside area, in Piazza Costa, every summer the largest "movable" Ferris wheel in Italy is installed, 31 meters high, with a great scenographic effect. Going up on it is an experience that can be shared with the whole family so as not to miss
    the opportunity to take panoramic photos of the beach and the surrounding green hills.

Last update 09/12/2023

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Tourist Information Office Gatteo Mare
Piazza della Libertà, 10 - Gatteo (FC)
+ 39 0547 86083 + 39 0547 85393 iat@comune.gatteo.fc.it Opening: all year round
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