La Notte Rosa [The Pink Night]

At the beginning of the summer the Pink festival takes over the entire Adriatic Riviera with its cheerful and engaging atmosphere

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One evening a year, from sunset to dawn, all 110 km of the Adriatic Riviera of Emilia-Romagna, are transformed into an explosion of lights, sounds and images.

From the d’Este Castle in Ferrara to Rimini’s Bridge of Tiberius, the monuments of the cities of art are dressed in pink. Free concerts featuring big names in national and international music, theatrical performances, art installations, exhibitions, fireworks, magical scenery and much more take place all along the Adriatic coast and the immediate hinterland, marking the opening of the swimming and tourist season.

The Pink Night is a unique and fun opportunity to meet thousands of people and celebrate the most exciting event of the entire Romagna summer season.

From the beaches of Comacchio to the border with the Marche region, passing through the Republic of San Marino, the Riviera becomes one enormous stage. Rivers of smiling faces move to the rhythm of music, while restaurants, beach resorts and bars do the rest by offering carefree and cheerful menus.

For the whole weekend, each town is free to interpret the theme of the party in a creative and original way, giving the public a weekend they will never forget. Hundreds of events are scheduled and every single town or village in the surrounding area can become the capital of whatever form of entertainment it chooses.

There is something for all tastes and all ages. Just go to the Pink Night website, browse through the hundreds of events scheduled and you are well on your way to having the time of your life. Whoever said New Year's Eve should only be celebrated once a year?

Info - Pink Night's official website (in Italian)

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