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Experience complete spa indulgence, just a stone’s throw from the Po Delta Park

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The Thermae Oasis - Comacchio spa is set in an area steeped in history and dotted with natural landmarks. Just a few minutes from the Lido delle Nazioni seaside, this spa is around 10 kilometres from Comacchio and the salt pans and lies close to the Po Delta Park, a stunning place to visit on a guided tour by foot, bike, boat or on horseback.

Besides being the only thermal bath facility in the Ferrara province, the Thermae Oasis also stands out for its unique design inside: an accumulation of Pompeian style-inspired decorative features and furnishings that instil a sense of calm as you take them in.

The outside areas of the spa feature the reconstruction of ancient Roman ruins in the Wellness Gardens, and a series of pools filled with thermal water at different temperatures, which also have a vascular therapy system, massaging water jets and waterfalls.

You might also choose to stay the night at the Thermae Oasis in the accommodation provided at the Camping Village Tahiti, in the immediate vicinity of the spa.

Thermal waters

The thermal water that supplies the Thermae Oasis is rich in sodium chloride, bromide and iodide and comes from a thousand-year-old underground spring, Ca'Rossa spring, located just beneath the spa at a depth of 380 metres.

Owing to the mineral salts and the beneficial properties this water contains, a soak in the spa’s individual or group baths, with or without massaging water jets, promises to offer a real wellness immersion for the respiratory tract, the bones, joints and more.

The waters of the Lido delle Nazioni springs also have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties and can work to reactivate microcirculation of the blood and to restore the skin’s balance to counteract redness and irritation.

Mud therapy is also available at the spa. This treatment uses clay that has been aged for at least six months in the sodium chloride, bromide and iodide-rich water, offering guests a pleasurable massage experience with pain-relieving and revitalising properties.

The Thermae Oasis spa also offers treatments and rituals for the face and body, designed to bring total relaxation and to boost guests’ overall physical well-being.


Last update 19/03/2021

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