Lido delle Nazioni

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Seaside resort in the province of Ferrara. One of the seven Lidos of Comacchio

Why visit it

Lido delle Nazioni is the perfect combination of nature, relaxation, and sports.

It is noteworthy for its wide streets, with lots of greenery and many shops for a little pleasurable browsing after a day at the beach. The beaches are easily accessible from the shore road and are ideal for entertaining children with slides, swings, seesaws, and paddling pools.

For a holiday with a special emphasis on well-being and outdoor life, try the modern spa establishment "Thermae Oasis Spa § Beauty" which uses the local Bromine-rich water and features massage and relaxation areas. 

There are plenty of hotels, houses and apartments for rent, as well as campsites and tourist villages between the sea and the Po Delta Park.

For a plunge into the past, it is possible to visit the actual hut where Garibaldi took shelter with his dying wife Anita on August 3, 1849.

Don't miss

The Bertuzzi Lagoon (Valle Bertuzzi) stretches along the Accialioli panoramic road; it's a nature reserve of around 2000 hectares which includes Val Cantone and Valle Nuova. It features many parallel sandbars crossing from north to south, some covered with holm oak woodland with vegetation typical of saltwater lagoons. It is easy to see from the road and quite fascinating with its lines of flamingos and the panorama with which it rewards visitors at sunset when the sun is reflected off the water.

In the surroundings

The Po Delta Park envelops Comacchio with its woods and lagoons: just outside the town are the Comacchio Lagoons themselves, which can be visited by bike or boat; to the north, Valle Bertuzzi (10 km) offers splendid landscapes at dusk, while the woodlands at Mesola and Santa Giustina (20 km) are ideal for a cool evening walk among the green leaves after a day on the beach.

Don't miss a visit to Comacchio, the "little Venice", an enchanting lagoon town: it's neat and unfeigned, endowed with a vitality that comes from a strong respect for its own history and for the environment that surrounds it.

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