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Born out of the union of Nibbiano, Pecorara and Caminata, this municipality is situated on the hills of Val Tidone, surrounded by a suggestive natural landscape, full of bushes and different kind of flowers which coexist with the local agricultural activity.

Why visit it

Plunge into nature without forgetting the history and agricultural tradition of this territory dotted with historic mills.

When to go and what to see

Every season offers different colours, smells, experiences: the rebirth of nature in spring, the stars in summer, the colourful vineyards in autumn and the mills festival in November.

Don't miss

The "must see" in Nibbiano are the Castle, which can usually be seen only from the outside because it's a private residence, and the church dedicated to San Pietro.

In Pecorara the church of San Giorgio, built starting from 1792, presents the typical characters of Baroque, i.e. stucco and an altar which comes from San Vincenzo in Piacenza.

A walk along the streets of Caminata gives the idea of its ancient secret paths, no longer visible. The towers witness this town's previous role as an outpost, and the atmosphere of the Middle Ages is still noticeable in the traditional shops and houses made of stones. Caminata also played the role of customs between the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza and the Sabaudia state. The church of Santi Sinforiano and Timoteo is also a must-see.

On the table

Impossible to leave this area without trying the "batarö", a typical sandwich baked quickly in a wood oven, to be eaten with local salumi (coppapancettasalame) or cheese.

Having fun

Taking a glance at the stars in a real observatory in Lazzarello, maybe during the night of San Lorenzo, is possible, thanks to the Gruppo Astrofili of Piacenza.

Keeping fit

The associations of the territory offer the opportunity of going trekking or riding mountain bikes along the Tidone river footpath.

Significant appointments

In the second part of the year some events of the Appennino festival and Val Tidone Festival take place in Comune Alta Val Tidone. In September this area is the perfect location of the Val Tidone Wine Fest. There are other festivals dedicated to food: the truffle fest in October, the millers' fest in November, the medieval reenactment during San Colombano's Day.

In the surroundings

There's an important Sanctuary in Strà dedicated to the Virgin; an ancient Castle and the church of S. Andrea in Sala Mandelli, where the Batarö Fest takes place; in Trevozzo, Carreggio, Tassara, Stradera, Torre Gandini, Corticelli, Genepreto, Trebecco there are lots of towers, castles and parish churches.

For those who love nature Diga del Molato and Giardino Alpino di Pietra Corva are undoubtedly a "must see".
In the context of Castles of the Duchy circuit Rocca d'Olgisio is open to visitors. 

Last update 04/06/2023

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