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Baiso is a pretty little town in the middle Reggio Apennines south-east of Reggio Emilia.

Why visit it

The town appears as a row of buildings clinging to the slopes of an unstable gully amphitheatre.

Baiso is perched on the brow of a strikingly eroded gully and surrounded by luxuriant dessert-like woods.

The mild climate and the sports facilities (swimming pool, sports fields, network of trails) make it an important tourist destination for nature lovers.

On the table

Baiso presents a very particular enclave of Byzantine-Romagna culture cuisine.

The traditional cuisine is proof of this, still today focused on sheep and mutton, instead of Emilia's pork.

The rich presence of mushrooms in the area makes them an element that is also very present in the local cuisine, in all its tastiest forms.

Keeping fit

The mountainous area allows for long excursions surrounded by greenery, from trekking to mountain biking, through the gullies among woods full of mushrooms.

In the surroundings

The municipality of Baiso borders on that of Carpineti, where it is possible to visit one of the most famous medieval fortresses of the powerful Canossa family: we are talking about the Castello delle Carpinete.

A giant bench of a beautiful bright orange is located on top of the hill la Balota since 2020. It is part of the Big Bench Community Project, designed in 2009 by Chris Bangle, and is  #93. It can be reached with a walk of about 25 minutes, following the path CAI 632, from Via Castello in the center of Baiso. 

Information offices

IAT Reggio Emilia
Via Luigi Carlo Farini, 1/A - Reggio nell'Emilia (RE)
+ 39 0522 451152 Opening: all year round

Last update 20/03/2022

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