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Bedonia is located on the Parma Apennines in a green area under Mount Pelpi (1480 m), along the Porcino Mushroom road. From here, along kilometers of curves that offer views of the beautiful Parma hills, you can reach Passo Cento Croci, del Bocco and Tomarlo which mark the border between Emilia and Liguria.

Why visit it

The old centre is laid out on three streets which merge at the parish church which, in its current form, dates back to the first half of the 17th century but is of medieval origin.

Don't miss

The 18th century archway to the old property of the Silva family can be seen in the Park of the Fish Pond. Other places of interest are the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Marco, the Museum of Natural History, the Parmigiani Art Gallery and the Planetarium.

In the surroundings

Near Bedonia it is possible to visit the pretty village Compiano, a small village completely surrounded by walls and famous for its castle

Information offices

UIT Bedonia
Via G. Garibaldi - Bedonia (PR)
+ 39 0525 824765

Last update 20/12/2020
Last update 20/12/2020

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