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Borghi is a town midway between the Adriatic and the Apennines, surrounded by the rivers Rubicon and Uso, populated with flourishing vineyards and olive groves in an area devoted to agriculture.

Why visit it

The territory has seen the rise of more castles and strongholds placed even a short distance from each other, so that the municipality includes many formerly autonomous towns, each with its own history: San Giovanni in Galilea, Calbana, Converseto, Raggiano and Poggio de' Borghi.

Don't miss

For over 100 years the Archaeological and Naturalistic Museum "F. Renzi" has been active, in the setting of the splendid village of S. Giovanni in Galilea. A second museum is the Private Museum of Rural Life: rich in objects, materials and work equipment.

Of particular historical interest are the ancient Malatesta Cistern and the Malatesta Walls surrounding the town.

Dating back to 1144 is the Church of San Cristoforo, restored after World War II, containing works by the sculptor Guido Montanari.

On the table

A typical dessert is the Bustrengh, which was prepared by peasant families on Sundays, using the leftovers of the week; so with the variety of ingredients used during the week, the Bustrengh could become a cake, a donut or a pie. As time passed, the custom of making Bustrengh families weakened. In the early seventies it was rediscovered by a group of people, lovers of traditions: thus was born the "Sagra de' Bustrengh".

Keeping fit

The extremely hilly area has a road system consisting of many local and interpoderal routes, appreciated by walkers in search of Aperonzolo and other wild herbs.

Significant appointments

During the Bustrengh Festival, the second week of May, the Bustrengh is baked, both by the committee and by some families who jealously guard their recipe.

In the surroundings

The hamlet of S.Giovanni in Galilea is an extraordinary natural balcony overlooking the plain and the towering fortresses of Montebello, Torriana, Verucchio and San Marino.

Of particular interest are also the remains of the ancient castle of San Martino in Converseto, dating back to the twelfth century near the homonymous church built in the previous century.

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