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Castello d’Argile was born and has always lived in symbiosis with the River Reno, so much so that the embankments, or more precisely the “argille” (clay) which makes its terrain so rich, are part of its name.

Why visit it

In the central square there is the Church of San Pietro of Argile, containing fragments of a precious, rare fresco attributed to Simone dei Crocifissi.

Passing, perhaps by bicycle, between the cultivated fields of the surrounding plains, after 3 km you will reach the village of Venezzano (or Mascarino), where it is impossible not to notice the majestic, and in a certain sense surprising, neo gothic Church of Santa Maria of Venazzano.

Along the route, in the nearby Ronchi, the Torre Marsigli is a beautiful example of tower-dovecote, which was probably originally used for defensive purposes. A in Ronchi, there is the Osteria della Stella, a rest stop for travellers and pilgrims since the 17th century.

Keep Fit

Along the bank of the Reno river runs a beautiful cycle-pedestrian path which offers suggestive views of the plain between rows of trees, long horizons and the floodplains of the river, as the path is slightly higher than the level of the countryside. The route goes up to Pieve di Cento.

Main events

The “Festa d’Erzen” (early October) is the village festival and is celebrated with food, wine, shows and events.

Information offices

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