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Malalbergo is located along the Padua-Bologna motorway on the border with the province of Ferrara, between the Canale della Botte (Barrell canal) and the Reno River.

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Malalbergo used to be an ancient river port on the Navile Canal. After the Second World War devastation, Malalbergo managed to keep Palazzo Marescalchi, now the Public Library, and the Casermone (via Selciato), once the headquarters of the customs house and later of the Napoleonic Gendarmerie.

A 14-kilometre cycle-track connects Malalbergo to the hamlets of Pegola and Altedo, the latter being the world capital of the Altedo Green Asparagus, which has been recently awarded with the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) trademark. The route crosses the countryside devoted to the cultivation of this refined vegetable and for a stretch it runs along the Navile canal in an interesting natural setting.

On the table

Altedo green asparagus is a delicacy known since Roman times, which reached its peak in 2003 with the award of the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) trademark. Thanks to its unique yet delicate flavour, green asparagus is a versatile ingredient for many recipes.

Significant appointments

Every year at the end of May the hamlet of Altedo celebrates the Green Asparagus of Altedo Festival. During the event, besides traditional recipes, it is possible to discover creative combinations thanks to the Author's evenings, special dinners prepared by chefs where the "green prince" of Altedo is the protagonist of the meal, from appetizers to desserts.

The flavour of the stinging nettle, similar to spinach and cucumber when cooked, is the tasty protagonist of "Sagra dell'ortica" (the Nettle festival), a classic end-of-summer event in Malalbergo.

In the surroundings

The surroundings of Malalbergo offer different interesting environments for nature lovers, all connected to water. Besides the banks of the Navile canal and the Reno river, that approach Malalbergo almost merging into each other, there are natural wetlands with marshes. Currently, there are six marshes in the municipal area of Malalbergo, the oldest of which is the Valle La Comune, located north-east of the capital and covering 90 hectares. These are nesting grounds for various species of aquatic birds such as herons, black-winged stilts and black storks. Here, in an abundant hydrophilous woods, you can once again admire plants and animals whose disappearance coincided with that of the old marshes.

The marshes are privately managed and can be visited through agreements with the owners or thanks to the guided tours that the Municipality of Malalbergo periodically organises.

Last update 24/09/2021

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