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Located not far from the Ferrara-Seaside motorway, connected to the A13 motorway (south exit of Ferrara) and the Romea road, and positioned on the Ferrara-Comacchio state road, 30 km from both Ferrara and the sea, 60 km from Ravenna and 120 km from Venice. 

Why visit it

The Roman settlement, built near a river access road, is today in the middle of extensive cultivated lands. Between the nearby Ferrara Waterway and the land reclamation channels stretches the Vallette di Ostellato Oasis (Marshes of Ostellato), ideal for birdwatching, sport fishing, cycling and other outdoor activities.  They are the only remains of the ancient marshes that once surrounded the town of Ostellato, spared by the last reclamation of the Mezzano marsh and established as an oasis for the protection of wildlife. The four marsh coves constitute a unique freshwater wetland biotope in the area, especially in terms of the quantity and variety of animals that populate it. As many as 150 species of waterfowl, including both nesting and migratory species, can be found in the Marshes. 

Don't miss

The Ostellato Territory Museum illustrates the evolution of the land and man throughout history.

A modern, multimedia and evocative exhibition, with an interplay of lights, reveals the evolution of the Earth, of humankind and the stages of a relationship of reciprocal influences. An outstanding section is devoted to the Etruscan period and the city of Spina, with scenic representations of daily life. The entire museum features interactive stations with plans, photos, videos and in-depth texts.

Last update 30/05/2021

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