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Lying along the road that connects Piacenza to Carpaneto Piacentino and the Arda valley, the district of San Giorgio Piacentino stretches from the plain into the foothills on the right bank of the River Nure, as far as the wooded valley of the Riglio.

Why visit it

San Giorgio was founded by the Lombards in the 10th century, and became a fortified place in defence of the parish, the central church of the area. 

The area of San Giorgio made headlines in 1961, when it was reported that the Virgin Mary had appeared to a peasant woman in San Damiano.

Today this is a predominantly modern town with a lively atmosphere.

When to go and what to see

The climate of the territory means the best time to visit is spring and autumn, but a walk in the woods is pleasant also in the summer months.

To visit:

  • The parish church of San Giorgio Martire, built in 1670 to replace the old parish church.
  • The Castle of San Giorgio is today the town hall. Events of various kinds take place in the Cortazza, or courtyard.
  • The Rocca di San Giorgio, attributed to the architect Vignola, is privately owned but can be visited occasionally and can be hired as a venue for events.

On the table

Cheeses, cured meats, fresh meat and honey are local products that can be found along the wine road, the Strada dei vini e dei sapori dei Colli Piacentini.
In addition to the traditional pasta dishes of Piacenza (tortelli con la coda, pissarei e fasö),  there are the dishes served with mushrooms of the Val Riglio.

Keeping fit

Kilometres of paths to follow on foot or cycling: three nature walks that take you into the bed of the Nure river and on to Podenzano and the hills of Vigolzone and Ponte dell’Olio. Explanatory panels along the walks explain the territory.

Significant appointments

The Spring Fair is held in April in the town. 

The most eagerly awaited event is the Mushroom Fair and Palio del Fungaiolo – the Mushroom Hunter’s Trophy – which is held in September. 

Traditional festivals and sporting events bring crowds to many places in the area between spring and autumn.

In the surroundings

The countryside and the hills of San Giorgio are scattered with villas and castles (Ronco, Tollara, Viustino, Rizzolo, Montanaro, the Torrazzo in Centovera, ….), still privately owned and visible only from the outside. 

At San Damiano, in addition to the castle, there is the parish church and the Shrine of the Madonna delle Rose, with its garden where you will find the pear tree, the well and the statue of Our Lady of the Roses, as well as an incredible number of  ex votos.

The Military Airport of Piacenza-San Damiano covers a large area near San Damiano, which was the base of the 50th Wing of the Italian Air Force until a few years ago. 

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