Di strada in strada 2022 - Performing Arts Festival

Santa Sofia 2022 - International Festival of performing arts - circus - theatre - music... from 1992

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    piazza Garibaldi - Santa Sofia
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    Street Shows
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    Art & Culture

Di strada In strada is one of the most successful street performing arts festivals in Italy and internationally.

Now in its XXXI edition, the Festival offers performances by contemporary circus companies, acrobatics, urban theater and music from all over the world and at its highest quality.

From 11 to 15 August artists and groups will gather to enliven the streets, the river park and the course of the Bidente river between Spinello, Corniolo and Santa Sofia.

The first appointment is Thursday 11 August, with "Assaggio", a magnificent preview of the event in the hamlet of Spinello.

Then on Friday 12 August the "Prologue", in the ancient and fascinating village Corniolo, where musicians and performers will amaze and entertain the public among the paved squares and along the characteristic alleys.

Afterwards, on 13, 14 and 15 August from 6.00 pm to 12.00 am, the artists, markets and street food stands will move to Santa Sofia among its squares, alleys, parks, stages and the river park.

From 12.00 am a spectacular After Midnight show: many musicians will alternate on stage, on the Palco Grande in Basso Parco and the one in Vecchio Borgo, in Gentili Square, and obviously… from street to street.


  • piazza Garibaldi - Santa Sofia
11 - 15 August 2022
every thursday and friday and saturday and sunday
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Associazione Pro Loco di Santa Sofia
Via Nefetti 3/G Santa Sofia (FC)
telephone:+39 376 0352590 prolocossofia@gmail.com
UIT Santa Sofia
Via Nefetti 3 Santa Sofia (FC)
telephone:+ 39 0543 970249 cv.santasofia@parcoforestecasentinesi.it
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