XX Verdi Festival

"Scintille d'opera"

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    Via Giacomo Trombara - Parma and others places
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    Opera, theater and ballet
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    Sep 11 - 10 Oct

The Verdi Festival of Parma celebrates the twentieth anniversary in the open-air theater set up in the Parco Ducale, in the heart of the city, in front of the monumental Palazzo Ducale.

Among the events of this special edition: Roberto Abbado in Macbeth, versione of Paris of 1865 and the Messa da Requiem, Ernani directed for the first time by Michele Mariotti, the symphonic concert by Valerij Gergiev and the Gala Verdiano by Luca Salsi.
Luigi Lo Cascio and Marco Baliani interpret Macbeth and Rigoletto accompanied by the Leonardo Quartet and the I Filarmonici of Busseto.
The Verdi caravan will bring La Traviata face to face with the public in the squares of Parma, Busseto, and Zibello.
Verdi Off inaugurates its 5th edition by bringing Verdi home and the artists will be called upon to become Verdi's storytellers.


Ducal Park  of Parma
September 11, 13, 2020
Paris version (1865)

Parma, Piazzale Picelli - September 12, 13, 2020
Busseto - Piazza Verdi, September 19, 20, 2020
Zibello - Piazza Guareschi, September 26,  2020
Caravan verdiano
La Traviata
Lo spirito di Violetta

Streets, Courtyards, Cortili, Squares of Parma
September 12, 2020 Verdi Off opening
Verdi sotto casa

Ducal Park  of Parma
September 18, 20,  2020
Messa da Requiem 
Dedicated to the victims of the pandemic 

Ducal Park  of Parma
September 25, 27, 2020 

Ducal Park  of Parma
October 2, 2020
Symphonic concert
Director Valerij Gergiev 

Regio theatre of Parma
October 3, 2020
Quartetto in mi minore 

Regio theatre of Parma 
October 6,  2020 
Letteralmente Verdi  
With Luigi Lo Cascio

Regio theatre of Parma 
October 9,  2020 
Rigoletto, la notte della maledizione
With  Marco Baliani

Regio theatre of Parma 
October 10,  2020
207th anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi's birthday
Gala verdiano
Baritono Luca Salsi

The Verdi off programme will be available from September.

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  • Via Giacomo Trombara - Parma
  • Strada G. Garibaldi - Parma
11 September - 10 October 2020
monday, saturday e sunday
20:00 - 23:00
+ 39 0521 203999

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