Christmas in Ferrara

Enjoy the city, UNESCO World Heritage Site, in a festive atmosphere with events for adults and children

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Christmas is approaching and in Ferrara the atmosphere becomes magical, among markets, concerts, and events, waiting for the most awaited day of the year.



Date: Until 8 January 2023, 
Place: Piazza Trento Trieste 
Time: every day from 10.00 to 19.30.
Piazza Trento Trieste turns into a big open market with typical products, arts and crafts, books, Christmas decorations. 
The side facing Palazzo San Crispino will be characterized by the Christmas Village of the master craftsmen with high quality products of both typical foods and artifacts bearing the value of artisanal transformation from idea to creation.
In continuity with the Village, the side towards the Cathedral square will host the historic market "Festa del Regalo" with gift ideas, sweets for the Christmas holidays and the classic objects to adorn Christmas trees and nativity scenes in our homes. Overall there are 34 Christmas houses.


Date: Saturday 2 December
Place: Historic centre
Time: 17.00
The new lighting effects are in piazza Trento Trieste with a cascade of lights; there is also a luminous enhancement of the statue of Savonarola, a decoration on the ground in Piazza Municipale. Furthermore, in Piazza Ariostea, a giant three-dimensional star (18 meters long by six meters high) 'falls' into the heart of the area.


Date: Sunday 3 December
Place: Historic centre
Time: 17.00
It is a spectacular traveling performance through the streets of the historic center. A journey back in time, into the magic of childhood where the world around us was always bigger, much brighter and more magical. The protagonists are artists both on stilts and on the ground, with glittering costumes and structures with rotating gold spheres that recall the rides of the past. A musical cart accompanies the artists' performances with various pieces of music, including those with a Christmas theme.


Date: Friday 8 December
Place: Historic centre
Time: 17.00
The lighting of the Christmas tree is accompanied by a live soundtrack with internationally renowned Christmas-themed songs: Jingle Bells, Cha Cha Cha, White Christmas Latin lounge, Santa Claus is coming to Town, Bossa Nova and much more.

LE DOLCE VITA in concert

Date: Saturday 9 December
Place: Historic centre
Time: 17.30
Le Dolce Vita is born from the meeting of three different voices, lyrical, pop and soul. A mix of the most popular songs worldwide and the most listened to Christmas songs ever.


Date: Sunday 18 December
Place: Largo Castello
Time: 17.00
Gymnasts, dancers and athletes who create acrobatic choreographies and continuous new aerial evolutions on special and original stage machines, accompanied by captivating music.
A breathtaking succession of acrobatic and visual paintings and athletic performances set in a world of fairy tales; dreams and metamorphosis.


Date: Sunday 24 December
Place: Historic centre
Time: 17.00
A grand piano, equipped with wheels and a motor, moves through the streets of the historic center to the musical notes of Giovanni Allevi, Ludovico Einaudi and other new age composers. At the "steering wheel" of the piano sits a pianist, while an ethereal dancer performs gentle evolutions on it: it really seems like seeing a suggestive "living music box".


  • Piazze e vie del Centro storico - Ferrara (Ferrara)
  • Viale Costituzione - Ferrara (Ferrara)
2 December 2023 - January 7, 2024
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