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    Lido Po - Guastalla
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    Street markets
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    Art & Culture

Guastalla, the main town of the Low Po River Valley, hosts this land, water and agriculture festival.

On schedule are the following festivals and trade fairs: trade fair for traditional types of fruits, flowers, vegetables and seeds; trade fair for wine and food, organic, typical and forgotten products; environmental art festival; vintage festival; festival of wanderings, nomads, pilgrimages, transhumances and navigations of people; festival of the "territorial singularities" of the Po river and other waterways.

Participation of hundreds of exhibitors specialized in plant growing, crafts, food and wine.


  • Lido Po
    Viale Lido Po - Guastalla (Guastalla)
20 - 21 April 2024
All day
  • Full ticket : 5€
  • Free : children under 12

Information offices

UIT Guastalla
Via S. Gonzaga, 16 - Guastalla (RE)
+ 39 0522 839763 Opening: all year round
Proloco Guastalla
Via Gonzaga, 16/4 - Guastalla (RE)
+ 39 328 7943204 Opening: seasonal

Last update 24/01/2024

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