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International short film contest

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    Parco raggio - Pontenure
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Concorto Film Festival is an international contest dedicated to short films.

Every year it takes place in the wonderful context of Parco Raggio, the garden of Villa Raggio (Pontenure), a few kilometres away from Piacenza.

Concorto Film Festival started in 2002 and over the years it has become the Italian reference point in the short film world. Every year the short films are selected in advance, and during the days of the Festival they are presented with the extraordinary presence of their authors.

According to their category, there is a professional jury which has to select the winner, giving to the director the first award: "The golden donkey" ( symbol of the Festival).

Concorto is an international event at the end of the summer in Piacenza's district. Thanks to it, cinema is becoming a main character of the cultural scene of the city.

During every edition some of the well known international short films, already award winning, are shown to the public.

Through the years Concorto has managed to build its strong identity and its specific international point of view.

Usually it's a well structured event with different main topics. They are presented and discussed with open cinematographic minds and foreign film critics’ eyes.

Since 2009, it's offered to the public a special section, parallel to the main contest. Actually, this special section is focused on a specific country, with the aim to understand and discover new and different perspectives, mainly linked to cultural and political contexts.

During the evenings of the Festival, some interesting musical events will be held, like live sessions or DJ-sets.


  • Parco raggio
    - Pontenure (Pontenure)
19 - 26 August 2023
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Information offices

IAT Grazzano Visconti, Val Nure & Val Chero
Viale del Castello, 2 - Vigolzone (PC)
+ 39 0523 870997 Opening: seasonal

Last update 24/05/2023

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