Mécaniques Discursives. Don't follow the guide!

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    Palazzo S. Margherita - Modena
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On 23 March 2023 FMAV Fondazione Modena Arti Visive is opening three important exhibitions hosted in the FMAV venues of Palazzo Santa Margherita and Palazzina dei Giardini, in a meeting of emerging talents, experimentation and playfulness.

Taking place in Palazzo Santa Margherita is Mécaniques Discursives. Don't follow the guide!

The duo’s poetic (consisting of the French-Swiss videographer Yannick Jacquet and the Belgian engraver Fred Penelle) brings together two epochs – of Gutenberg and Big Data – that are worlds apart. 

Old engraving techniques are taken out of their traditional context into wall projections, recycled objects, mosaics of drawings and 3D installations. 

The result is astonishing: a universe of imaginative iconographies, where times collide in a narrative maze where there is just one rule: “Don’t follow the guide”.


  • Palazzo S. Margherita
    Corso Canalgrande, 103 - Modena (Modena)
23 March - 20 August 2023
Wednesday - Friday: 11am-1pm, 4-7pm;
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 11am-7pm
  • Full ticket : € 6,00
  • Reduced ticket : € 4,00 (Vivaticket)

Information offices

Modena Tourist Information Office
Piazza Grande, 14 - Modena (MO)
+ 39 0592032660 + 39 059 2032659 info@visitmodena.it Opening: all year round
Palazzo dei Musei information point
Largo Porta S. Agostino, 337 - Modena (MO)
+ 39 059 2033125 palazzo.musei@comune.modena.it Opening: all year round

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