Exhibition of white truffles and fossa cheese

Exhibition market of the prized white truffle and Fossa cheese

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Mondaino, an ancient town which was once part of the Malatesta family lands, on the border of the lands of the rival Montefeltro, dukes of Urbino, will once again become a "town for gluttons" on the third and fourth Sundays in November.

Two days of events dedicated to the historic and cultural patrimony and the local food products of this area will be held alongside the exhibition-market of the highly prized white truffle of the hills near Rimini and the unveiling party of the local fossa cheese.

In the local square and the streets near the castle, there will be stands offering a series of gluttonous surprises which can be tasted at many food stands and bought directly from local producers.

The prized white truffle from the hills near Rimini.
There are two types of truffles which are the pride of the hills near Rimini and of Mondaino in particular: the white truffle and the black truffle.  Those who love this precious tuber can admire it served in themed menus in local osteria, in restaurants and in agritursimo in Mondaino and the surrounding areas.

Together with the atmosphere of the fair and festivities, the exhibitions and the market of foodstuffs and crafts, there will also be music, both traditional and contemporary.

Fossa cheese from the hills of Rimini
This treasure can also be found underground, in fact "fossa" cheese is obtained through the natural fermentation of pecorino cheese placed in special pits during the summer to be aged.  The pits are located underground, carved out of the tuff rock under the castle of Mondaino, which has always been used for the conservation and production of agricultural products.


  • Borgo di Mondaino - Mondaino
19 - 26 November 2023
Sunday only
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  • Free event

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